Product Specifications: High Quality Self-Illumination Oil-based Paint, Eco-Friendly and according to international standards with long lasting properties & excellent weather resistance, water resistance, salt & corrosion resistance, UV resistance with fast drying and excellent adhesion Properties, It has excellent flexibility and impact resistance, which glow in the dark without any source of energy as it stores energy from any light sources to lasts illuminate from 6 up to 10 hours depending on the type & Color of product used & the intensity of the darkness.

Applications: Plastic & Acrylic Surfaces Interior and Exterior.
Method of Use: Brush, Roller & Spray.
Glow Period: 6-8 hours after charging according to color used.
Touch Dry: 2-3 hours
Shelf Life: 18 months
Expiry date after applied: Internal 10 years , External:6 Years