Product Specifications: High Quality Two Pack Self-Illumination modified polyurethane based paint, Eco-Friendly (Non-radioactive, non-toxic and free of phosphorus) and according to international standards with excellent exterior durability & high resistance to marine & weather conditions. It has abrasion, salt, corrosion, impact & water resistance with superior UV resistance & excellent flexibility, adhesive & long lasting properties, which glow in the dark without any source of energy as it stores energy from any light sources then it start reducing the stored illuminate gradually within 6 to 10 hours depending on the type & Color of product used & the intensity of the darkness.

Applications: Plastic & Acrylic Surfaces Interior and Exterior.
Method of Use: Brush, Roller & Spray.
Glow Period: 6-8 hours after charging according to color used.
Touch Dry: 2-3 hours
Shelf Life: 18 months
Expiry date after applied: Internal 10 years , External:6 Years